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Do You Need A Protective Order – Or Defense After Being Named In One?

Many people think it takes a lot of evidence to get a protective order, but that’s not true – it can often be obtained simply through one person’s testimony. If you feel in danger, this can be good news, as you will not have to jump through many hoops to get legal protection.

Then, if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend violates the terms of a restraining order, there may be harsh consequences. Our family law attorneys can help you make your case for a protective order without delay. Ideally, you and your children can enjoy greater privacy and calm at home.

On the other hand, you may be on the opposite side of this kind of story. Your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend may have gotten a protective order with you as the target. Solely on the basis of their words, you may now be prohibited from access to your home, possessions and/or children. We can mount a swift, effective defense to get your protective order lifted as soon as possible.

Our Family Law Attorneys Mean Business When Protective Orders Are A Problem For You From Either Side

At Moreton & Edrington, our family law attorneys receive many frivolous requests for help obtaining protective orders. We are all too familiar with this tendency. We can help you if your spouse or your child’s other parent is apparently just trying to make trouble. Are they trying to stop you from seeing your children or getting into your home office for no good reason?

Important: If you have genuinely been the victim of abuse, our lawyers will work hard to get you through your divorce as smoothly and successfully as possible. We are available to speak up for you and be your advocate if you’re not comfortable speaking to the abuser yourself.

Get The Help That You Need In The Face Of Domestic Violence Or Accusations

To schedule a consultation regarding a restraining order in Virginia, contact us now. We will treat your time-sensitive case with the urgency that it deserves.

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