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Clarifying Your Children’s Futures In Family Life After A Divorce Or Separation

Child custody and visitation are among the most emotional and difficult issues for parents who separate or divorce. They are also among the most challenging areas of family law. Reasonable minds recognize the critical nature of decisions about how much time children will spend with each of their parents during their formative years. A child custody and visitation order will set the tone for family dynamics for years to come.

At Moreton & Edrington, you can find a dedicated advocate who will help you protect both your parental rights and your child’s best interests.

When Custody And Visitation Plans Are Difficult To Nail Down

While most parents agree they want a custody and visitation plan that is in the best interest of their child, working out a plan that balances each parent’s understanding of the child’s best interest can be difficult. After all, parents who are in the process of a separation or divorce are often already having a hard time communicating well. Nonetheless, a favorable resolution is a most worthwhile goal to pursue.

Whether you are looking for more time with your children or trying to negotiate a convenient visitation schedule, we can help you reach an arrangement that preserves your parental rights and is in the best interest of your children and their long-term well-being.

Let Us Help You Pursue That Just-Right Custody Arrangement You Are Holding Out For

Do you have special concerns in your child custody case, such as a history of domestic violence, a parent’s drug abuse or a child’s need for supportive educational services?

Contact us for a consultation to discuss your unique situation and let us help you craft an arrangement that works. If mediation or litigation before a judge becomes necessary, our attorney is ready to represent you faithfully.

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