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Real Help With Critical Family Law Issues

Ever since civilization began, there have been assumptions – which ultimately became laws  about people’s responsibilities for their own family members. Marriage, divorce and parents’ obligations to care for and nurture their own children all fall within the broad legal category known as family law.

Laws about family life may not come to mind often until a legal situation gets personal. If your spouse is asking for a divorce or your child’s other parent is denying you your rightful custody or visitation time, then you know you need guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

At Moreton & Edrington, you will benefit from our experience and dedication to our clients’ well-being. Whether you are seeking a divorce, child custody order or a protective order because of domestic violence in your home,  we are ready to do the hard work that can get you on the path you need to follow from here.

When Family Law Gets Tricky

Family life may seem private but it can suddenly become of interest to a family law court when a marriage is about to break up or children’s welfare is in question. Modern families tend to be complicated. Sometimes the changes in our families become so complicated that we need legal help to resolve disputes.

The lawyers at Moreton & Edrington have helped many families sort out a wide range of legal issues, including the following:

  • Divorce and mutual agreements similar to legal separations: We can help you protect your assets in property division.
  • Settlement agreements and uncontested divorce: We will not encourage you to spend more on legal fees than is necessary to bring about the outcome that you seek.
  • Child custody and visitation, also referred to as “parenting time”: We get a great deal of professional satisfaction after helping clients protect their parent-child relationships through, and despite, divorce.
  • Child support, modifications and enforcement: Learn about the state’s child support calculator and reasons to seek deviations from it.
  • Spousal support or alimony: The longer you have been married, the more likely it is that a court will expect, or impose, spousal support orders.
  • Adoptions, paternity actions and surrogacy contracts: You may think we have heard it all by now, but in fact, unique cases often come to our attention. We excel at finding workable solutions for our clients’ individual cases.
  • Domestic violence and child abuse accusations, protective orders and more: We will represent you whether you have been targeted or have been named as the perpetrator.
  • Guardianships and conservatorships: When you need help with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, look for the right legal arrangement.
  • Premarital and postmarital agreements: Let one of our family law attorneys explain the power and value of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

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