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Why parents fight about child custody matters

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Family Law

People going through a divorce with children have more crucial decisions, including custody. Child custody is a vital part of a divorce, and it can, in some cases, cause conflicts. Parents fight about this matter for different reasons.

Here are four common reasons:

Unfair requests

Some parents fight in a child custody case because the other parent has unfair requests – those that can make them lose their parental rights. When divorcing parents can’t peacefully agree on critical matters concerning their children, fights can arise. And this may be associated with emotions from the divorce.

Doing what’s right for the child

Undoubtedly, people have different beliefs about how children should be raised. Parents usually communicate and compromise here and there to raise kids successfully. However, this agreement may not be possible during a divorce. Each parent may want to continue with their parenting style, and accordingly, they will fight for primary custody. 

Power and control

Unfortunately, some people would want to retain power and control over their kids at all costs, especially those with psychological issues. They may find it challenging to accept not being a primary party in making decisions for the kids. Thus, they may opt for a child custody battle to protect their power and control.


Not all child custody battles are motivated by a negative cause. A parent can fight to genuinely protect their child from the other parent, for instance, if they are violent or have a history of substance abuse. 

Numerous factors contribute to child custody battles, but some are not in the child’s best interest. It can help to get professional help to learn more about your case and find the best ways to protect your parental rights.