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When your ex-spouse won’t allow visitation

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2022 | Family Law

If you are a divorced parent in Virginia and your ex-spouse refuses to let you see your children, you may feel frustrated and helpless. You may not know what to do to get the visitation to which you are entitled.

However, it is important to remember that you do have options for obtaining visitation with your children, even if your ex-spouse won’t cooperate.

The importance of parental visitation

Visitation rights for parents are an integral part of our judicial system. Without them, access to a child’s life would be impossible following a divorce or parental dissolution. The right of non-custodial parents to visit and maintain relations with their children is legally safeguarded in order to ensure both the emotional health and overall development of that child. 

A stable, positive relationship between parents and their children has far-reaching effects that can result in enhanced psychological well-being, improved socialization skills, better educational outcomes, and more resilient relationships. 

If your ex-spouse refuses to allow you to have court-mandated visitation rights, it can be a frustrating and challenging situation. Discuss your concerns with your ex-spouse. If you don’t see an improvement, there are steps that can you can take to enforce visitation orders legally. 

Document any attempts at contact with your ex-spouse over the issue of visitation. This can include dates and times of phone calls and emails and any verbal promises that were eventually unfulfilled, which can be used as evidence if legal action is necessary. Discuss your situation with someone who can advocate in family court on your behalf and help protect your parental rights.