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3 myths about divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Divorce

While you may have believed that marriage was the best thing that’s happened to you, you quickly realized it was anything but good. But, when it comes to a divorce, you may be hesitant to move forward with your life.

People often fear getting a divorce, not because it’ll mean a lengthy process, but often because they don’t know what to expect and may have heard many stories about harsh divorce battles. Divorce, just like marriage, is full of unknowns. Here’s what you should know to ease your mind:

Myth #1. You’ll never see your kids again

Truth: Typically, parents who are divorcing will have the right to create a child custody agreement. In this agreement, parents and the court will discuss the best interests of their children. The court usually believes that it’s best to have both parents in a position to continue raising their children.

Myth #2. You’ll lose everything in a divorce

Truth: You’ll go through a property division process. Marital assets will be evenly distributed. Any prenups and postnups may be reviewed, so any assets brought into a marriage could be evenly distributed or returned to their rightful owner. 

Myth #3. You’ll be paying alimony forever

Truth: Alimony often only lasts for several years. Usually, alimony only lasts for a fraction of the length of the marriage. It often depends on how an alimony agreement was made and, if you find it unfair, you may be able to create a dispute.

You may need to know your legal option when seeking a divorce in order to protect your interests and your future.