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2 steps you need to take when countering a protective order

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Protective Orders

Couples get into disagreements all the time and for all manner of reasons. However, when these fights turn physical, the government, through the courts, might intervene. One of the interventions the court might take is to issue a protective order against the aggressive party

But, what if the protective order was triggered by a false claim?

An order of protection comes with grave legal and personal consequences. It might prohibit you from coming into contact with your estranged spouse, and possibly your children. Additionally, it might hurt your reputation and affect your career. 

Here are two things you need to do while fighting an order of protection:

Get your evidence together

Many domestic violence claims usually boil down to one person’s words against another’s. Make sure that you provide your defense with anything relevant you may have, including text messages with the other party about the incident, emails, messages and medical records. 

Do not violate the order of protection

If the court issues an order of protection against you, it is essential that you obey it even if you feel it is unjustified. Do not contact your accuser for whatever reason as this might lead to further problems. In fact, you can end up with a criminal record for violating the temporary order of protection even if the original charges are proven false. 

A protective order is a big deal as it can impact various aspects of your life. Find out how to safeguard your rights and interests while fighting a false protective order.