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2 ways your dating life can impact your child custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce opens up several critical battle fronts. One of these is your child’s post-divorce custody and living arrangement. As the court determines the child’s parenting time, it may be tempting to believe the court’s decision will solely be based on past events.

Most often, however, the past is just one of the factors the court will rely on while ruling on child custody. Both your previous and current dating lives will greatly impact the outcome of your custody case. Here are two questions the court will ask with respect to your dating life when determining your fitness for custody.

Whom are you exposing your child to?

This ought to be straightforward. Dating a drug dealer or a career criminal exposes your child to individuals with questionable characters. This could also be indicative of how you live your life and subject your parenting capability to question. In fact, dating someone with a history of substance abuse or criminal record could be seen as a sign of poor judgment on your part.

Criminal behavior is not the only concern your ex and the court will have regarding your fitness for parenting. Dating a person with a history of violence, domestic abuse and sex offense can also be a factor in determining your fitness for custody. Remember, the court will pronounce its ruling based on what the judge believes to be in the best interest of the child.

Are you using your new partner to trash your ex?

The court will most definitely be unimpressed by ex-spouses who trash each other, more so in the presence of the child. Disparaging your ex while mentioning your great your new lover is will only hurt your custody case. It is in your best interest that you stick to the facts of the case without letting emotions get the better of you.

Child custody can be a very sensitive subject during the divorce. Knowing your rights and obligations can help you act in the best interest of your little one before and after the divorce.