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A No-Nonsense Approach To Bankruptcy

Many overwhelmed debtors come to us heavy-hearted and burdened by shame. “It’s my fault,” they say, that their debts are crushing them. Yet, as we talk with them, we learn about unavoidable hardships in their lives, such as:

  • A medical crisis
  • A layoff at work
  • A business downturn triggered by the pandemic economy or other factors beyond their control
  • A divorce
  • The death of a breadwinner in the family
  • A natural disaster
  • A cascading pile of debts that began with a necessary home repair, car repairs or other necessities
  • A lawsuit brought against them

On top of these worries, they have the pressure of creditor harassment. Aggressive phone calls and threatening letters rob them of sleep and peace of mind. Many seek a financial fresh start through bankruptcy.

Things To Know About Bankruptcy

Are you thinking about Chapter 7 (debt discharge) or Chapter 13 (debt reorganization) bankruptcy? What questions do you have on your mind? Take a look at some common questions and answers often discussed at our law firm.

Does filing bankruptcy mean I am a total failure?

After working with many, many bankruptcy clients, we reject the notion that bankruptcy means failure. It is a completely legal solution to problems that demand answers.

Will I lose my house and car?

Many of our clients find ways to hold onto their houses, cars and other prized possessions despite filing for bankruptcy. Others are relieved to let go of a house and troubled mortgage or a car and unaffordable car loan.

Will my reputation in the community be shot if I file for bankruptcy?

Other people – even your family members – do not need to know you have filed for bankruptcy unless you tell them or unless they conduct a background check in your name.

Will a bankruptcy on my record keep me from getting employment?

No one can make promises, but we can report that many, many of our past bankruptcy clients have continued to make progress in their careers despite the mention of bankruptcy on their credit reports.

Will my credit be completely ruined?

If you continue down the path of debt that you are on now, your credit rating may be ruined despite all your efforts. On the other hand, after having your debts discharged through bankruptcy, you will have a fresh start in many respects.

What are adversary proceedings in bankruptcy and what might they mean to me?

In adversary proceedings, a bankruptcy trustee may initiate a claw-back action and try to take back money from someone you repaid legitimately under a contract before filing bankruptcy. We have helped many clients stop or overcome such actions.

Stop Creditor Harassment; Stop Foreclosure

We can guide you as you take the required means test and determine whether bankruptcy is an appropriate form of debt relief for you.

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