We’re In This With You

A Dynamic Family Law And Bankruptcy Law Practice Born Of Collaboration

Our law firm’s strengths stem from collaboration in our attorneys’ earliest days as lawyers working side by side for the benefit of clients. To this day, they draw on each other’s knowledge and experience while solving problems for clients involving family law and/or debt relief.

It All Began In A Shared Workspace

Shortly after finishing law school and passing the bar exam, Robert D. Moreton (“Rob”) accepted a position at a small law firm in Woodbridge, Virginia. Due to space constraints, he shared a workspace with Fenlene H. Edrington (“Fenlene”) until that firm moved elsewhere.

Get to know a bit about Rob’s and Fenlene’s respective backgrounds by following these links:

How Working Together Led To The Birth Of A Law Firm

When their first law firm relocated to a larger space, Rob and Fenlene, along with their colleagues, ended up in an office large enough to allow for private offices.

While both Rob and Fenlene enjoyed the advantages of having individual offices, they soon rediscovered that they were better attorneys when they worked closely together. By identifying legal problems and challenging each other’s legal arguments, they could provide more robust remedies for clients’ legal difficulties.

What began as a necessary inconvenience had ignited a collaborative relationship exhibiting the principle that two heads are better than one. Moreton & Edrington, P.L.C., was then founded and built around this principle of collaborative teamwork.

What We Can Do For You

You may have arrived at this website while searching for an attorney or attorneys to guide you through a contested or uncontested divorce, or a debt crisis that calls for bankruptcy.

Many family attorneys are intimidated by bankruptcy court and vice versa. We’re not. We are increasingly highly respected in the courtroom due to our knowledge of both areas of law. Sometimes, we have said to family law judges, “Bankruptcy law doesn’t allow that,” and were thus able to protect our client’s interests.

Ready To Collaborate In Pursuit Of The Results That You Need

By design, our firm’s policies and practices foster the cooperative approach that we still rely on to solve our clients’ legal problems. Time and again, we have seen that we are at our best when we work together. We are ready to do so for you.

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