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Estate Planning

Estate PlanningEstate planning can be an uncomfortable topic, but it is a crucial step to protecting your loved ones. M&E has helped many clients manage the repercussions of a loved one dying without an adequate estate plan and would like to help our clients avoid this painfulexperience if possible. Regardless of the size of your estate, you need to make important legal decisions before the unexpected happens. An adequate estate plan should help you:

  • Ensure property is transferred to your loved ones as quickly and as easily as possible,
  • Plan for the care of your minor children or other dependents,
  • Dictate the life-prolonging measures you wish to receive,
  • Avoid the time and cost associated with the probate process, and
  • Minimize the taxes assessed to your beneficiaries after your death.

Please contact us today for a free consult. We are happy to help you create a new estate plan or to review your existing plan to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes.