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Divorce tab

Divorce is not an easy decision. Even if partners are on good terms with one another, once they begin discussing their assets and debts, homes, cars, boats, businesses, investments, student loans, bank accounts—they often realize that an uncontested divorce can be quite complex.

To further complicate things, it can be difficult to get a divorce in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While  much has changed, Virginia’s laws still reflect traditional notions that divorce is against the public interest. For this reason, Virginia does not allow anyone to file for divorce unless they first establish separation and/or grounds for divorce. Once filed, courts then apply a complicated factor-based test to determine matters of child custody, support, marital property, and marital debt.

Whether you’re just starting to consider the possibility or you’ve been separated for many years,  it’s very important to understand your rights and obligations as soon as possible. We understand there is no such thing as a standard divorce. We’re here to understand your concerns and to help you sort out the legal problems when you decide to go your separate ways.